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Nutritional information 2 capsules NRV*
Pine needle extract 600 mg
Chlorophyll 77,64 mg **
Izoabienol 27,4 mg **
Poliprenols 16,46 mg **
Vitamin C 12 mg 15 % *
Potassium 0,34 mg 0,02% *
Vitamin E 0,30 mg 2,5% *
Vitamin A 256 μg 32% *
Iron 0,08 mg 0,57% *
Magnesium 0,05 mg 0,01% *
Calcium 0,04 mg 0,01% *
Zinc 0,01 mg 0,1% *

%NRV* - Nutritional Reference Values

For stomach health

The history of FITESTEN

The development of Fitesten began in the late 80-ies of 20 century under the guidance of the gastroenterologist Dr. med. Juris Rubens. The first results were obtained in the middle of 90-ies: many positive effects of Fitesten were proved in treating gastritis, stomach and duodenal ulcer. The first medicinal form of Fitesten was black paste with a very strong specific smell and unpleasant taste. Fitesten was registered in State Agency of Medicines as a medicament for treating gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers. Frankly, only some patients took the preparation because of its unpleasant taste, they could tolerate it only few days but not the whole month as minimum necessary for the course. Therefore J. Rubens in cooperation with the Department of Dosage Form Technology of Riga Stradins University actively continued scientific work in creation of a new dosage form. Fitesten is a soft gelatin capsule that hides unpleasant smell and taste.

Ten years passed in various experiments. Eventually, the recipe (formula) was created, it allowed to make the capsule of Fitesten stable during the shelf-life, and it retains all its biological properties and high efficiency. Thus, Fitesten is a scientific achievement, the result of modern pharmaceutical technology, the preparation which has been patented in many countries; what is the most important, Fitesten is an effective preparation for the normalization of gastrointestinal tract functioning.

Pain and unpleasant senses in the stomach area are known to everyone and can be produced by some negative factors. There are stress, irregular and incorrect feeding, smoking, alcohol, coffee and marinade usage. Consequently stomach mucus covered activity reduces. Gastric juice, muriatic acid and some microorganisms have aggressive influence on stomach wall. Stomach wall damage accompanies with unpleasant senses, burning and tight feeling. Muriatic acid, that is in gastric juice composition, damages stomach wall and promotes some diseases development. Considering protective factors deficit (mucus, local immunity) stomach wall can’t heal up totally. As a result organism will have stomach wall’s chronic diseases.

There is problem’s solution – correct, regular and balanced feeding – mucus stimulating, antimicrobial preparation use.


What is FITESTEN®?

FITESTEN® – is natural preparation on the thick coniferous extract base. Preparation biologically active resources:

  • stimulate stomach protective mucus dividing,
  • make better microcirculation in the stomach and duodenum mucuous membrane,
  • resume damaged stomach and duodenum mucuous membrane,
  • make better digestion,
  • stimulate secretion A immunoglobulin dividing,
  • have bactericide properties,
  • protect organism from bacterium and oxidative processes.

Why FITESTEN is so unique?

Fitesten activates organism’s protective factors. There are more than 100 unique biologically active resources in the thick coniferous extract, which stimulate immunoglobulin development, neutralize active radicals and have antimicrobial properties. As a result become stronger organism’s protective properties. Preparation Fitesten is manufactured and clinically tested in Latvia in collaboration with Latvian gastroenterologists and Riga’s P. Stradiņa University (Latvian medical academy).

When you need to use FITESTEN?

  • Discomfort and burning in the gastric-intestinal canal.
  • When you use another preparations for gastric-intestinal canal’s treatment.
  • Irregular feeding.
  • Tight feeling in the stomach.
  • When you use coffee, alcohol and marinade.
  • For immunity improvement.


It’s recommended to use for 1-2 capsules per day with meal or after meal (especially in the evening). Maximal doze per day – 3 capsules. It’s not recommended to use more than 3 capsules. Minimal recommended course for use – 1 month. If you have more damaged stomach, you need to use capsules – 2-3 months. You can use it with other preparations for gastric-intestinal canal.

Export and innovation award

Product Fitesten ® is a scientific achievement, the result of Latvian innovative technologies. Fitesten developed and clinically tested in Latvia together with Latvian Department of Gastroenterology and Drug Form Cathedral of Riga Stradins University (Medical Academy of Latvia). 2011. Year December Fitesten ® product received the prize LIAA (Latvian Investment and Development Agency) “Eksporta un inovācijas balva’11′′ (Export and Innovation Award 2011) in the category “Inovatīvākais produkts” (Innovative product).

As with other food supplements, consult your doctor or pharmacist before using if you are under medical supervision, pregnant, breast-feeding, have epilepsy, a thyroid disorder, haemochromatosis, suffer from food allergies, or are allergic to any of the ingredients.

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