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* Nutrient Reference Value

Stress protection formula

"Stress - life is full of anxiety and haste"

H.Selje (1936)

STOP. STRESS®  - Stress protection formula - contains 17 components useful for the human body: vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and plant extracts.

Anxiety and stress undermine our health. We become easily irritated, get angry quickly. Our actions and actions are not well thought out, they can even be irrational. During stress, we have difficulty concentrating on important issues or problems, we make the wrong decisions. As a result - mistakes at work or study, conflicts with colleagues and misunderstanding in the family.  


* STOP. STRESS® reduces irritability, normalizes sleep, and the nervous system. It can be promoted by the extracts of valerian and passion fruit. Peppermint helps to relax, valerian helps to improve the quality of sleep and promotes the normal functioning of the nervous system.  


The nervous system is in safe protection thanks to STOP. STRESS®.


Use of STOP. STRESS®: adults, 2  capsules 1-2 times a day with or after food.  

Duration of use: STOP. STRESS® is recommended for at least 30 days. Repeat the course as needed.

Take care of your health through healthy each day living with

Nutritional supplement does not replace a complete and balanced diet!

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