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Bfesse par mums

Health from nature with "BF-ESSE"

"BF-ESSE" is a Latvian medical biotechnological company that has been working since 1992. One of the main trends of the company is the developing of a new generation of natural products, their investigation, the organization of their production as well as the introduction and promotion to the remedy and bioactive supplement market. Thanks to the effort and resources of the company "BF-ESSE" the first important result has been achieved that is the developing of the preparation Fitesten.

"BF-ESSE" company is one of the leader in Latvia which is specialized in manufacturing innovative food supplements.

Our goal is to strengthening health systems, to improve health promotion based on natural resources from the world. We are sure that qualitative products can give a positive health impact.

Fundamental principle of our company is to manufacture qualitative and effective products. We have traditional knowledges in dietology and phytotherapy. Cooperation with Latvian University, wich is known in the world, also profesors and doctors makes it possible to combine science and nature.

Take care of your health through healthy each day living with "BF-ESSE"



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